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Anna Großgasteiger

Anna Großgasteiger


Prana Energetic Therapist and



is an experienced alternative practitioner, and can improve the health and wellbeing of your






Through an energy transfer, tensions will be loosened and relieved, the flow of energy and self-healing powers activated.



RWO-SHR means: like a stone, ingenuous, natural and solid.

Foot stimulation improves the circulation. Stimulation of the vital points enables the energy balance. The RWO-SHR method maintains health and has an immediate effect.



The revitalized Grander water flows through all taps in Bergkristall. It has the quality and character of pure spring water. Enjoy the refreshing feeling for a shower, or for a drink of water.


New! Health-Footbath


The professional Body Detox Electrolysis Footbath offers a new way of body detoxification. After only a few minutes, a surprising discoloration of the water can be seen. The vitalizing and healing effect is astonishing.